Learn how to hack computers like black hat hackers and how to secure them like security professionals.


About the Course

Training in ethical hacking teaches methods for preventing malicious attacks and intrusions using knowledge of cyber security. You can increase your value in any IT position and gain access to a variety of jobs in the field by taking an ethical hacking course to develop your IT security expertise. You can learn how to block unauthorized access to your computer systems and network at home and at work by taking hacking classes.

Many organizations rely on ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities in their networks, endpoints, gadgets, or software. The hacker lets their client know when and how much of an attack will be made on the system. Within the parameters of their contract with their client, ethical hackers work. They can’t work to find weaknesses and then demand money to patch them. Gray hat hackers operate in this way. Hackers who agree to launch cyberattacks on a system or network in order to reveal potential security flaws are said to be engaging in ethical hacking. A white hat hacker is another name for an ethical hacker.

The course outline is as follows:


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